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My Dirty Secrets

(Otherwise known as live journal)

8 September 1979

I am an avid reader. I love books, they make me drool. I am married... a newlywed, actually! I am interested in animal rights, I've been a vegetarian since I was 12. I love pink things and can't resist buying them, even if its something I don't need. I love jewelry and sparkly things, i can't help it! I am a photographer, and like to post photos... please don't complain about my use or not-use of an LJ-cut when it involves my photos...
I need a nap.

LILIAN GRACE ISABEL was born on 8/13/08 at 8:08 AM.

I'm a Top Mommma!

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This is very important:
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And.... if you're still reading this.... ADD ME to your friends list! And comment often....
And i will do the same.

Anything personal in my journal... is FRIENDS ONLY... the rest is just for fun.

Friends Only
animal rights, anything pink, art, arthritis, babies, beer, bi-polar ii, bisexual, blue eyes, blythe dolls, boobs, book clubs, books, boxes, breasts, bunny tattoos, car accidents, car crashes, charlie's angels, chihuahuas, chocolate, chuck palahnuik, civil unions, clea duvall, computers, csi, dave gahan, david lynch, depeche mode, depression, diamonds, digital imaging, door, douglas coupland, dykes, east patchogue, education, everything but the girl, everything pink, feminism, flowers, gardening, gay marriage, gems, german shepherd dogs, german shepherds, girls, glass, glasses, glitter, grandparents, gsds, hardcovers, harry potter, headaches, hello kitty, hoboken, horror movies, houses, hydrocodone, jettas, jewels, john irving, juniper, law & order, lesbian marriage, lesbian moms, lesbian pregnancy, lesbianism, lesbians, lighting, lightning, liszt, live journal, long island, lower-case letters, metal plates, metal rods, mulva, music, naps, neil gaiman, neverwhere, new wave, new york city, new york university, new york university alumni, nine inch nails, nipple piercings, nyu, oliver, painkillers, patchogue, pearls, pets, philip, photography, photoshop, piano, piercings, pills, pink, pink bathrooms, poppy z. brite, porkchop, pregnancy, proper grammar, prozac, punctuation, puppies, reading, retouching, rita mae brown, road trips, roald dahl, ruby, ruby fruit design, rubyfruit jungle, sandals, scars, sleater-kinney, spite, stained glass lamps, steel plates, tales of near death, tales of the city, tattoos, tegan & sara, the butchies, the cure, the time traveler's wife, tisch school of arts, titanium rods, travelling, ttc, tv, twin peaks, vegetarianism, vicodin, vodka, volkswagens, vw, wellbutrin, widow for one year, windowboxes, wives, women,